Apr 12th

What I’ve learned about motherhood

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Oh! It goes beyond feeding bottles and nappies

Even though I have been around children all my life and helped raise my sisters since the age of 10, the emotional responsibilities and requirements for your own birthed children are beyond your imagination.  The assumption that ‘babysitting’ prepares for motherhood is not the case, in reality, it’s only a basic guideline for nappy changing and bottle feeding – you hand them back when your done!

Only a mother can truly understand the constant worrying for their child’s wellbeing and safety.  The mental battle of hoping you are doing things the right way is the real struggle, yet it is non existent, every child is different, I know this first hand, I have 2 beautiful girls and they are totally the opposite end of the spectrum.  And let’s not forget the sleepless nights for the coming years, and having to get up and continue no matter how tired, drained and exhausted you are, the love for your child will always push you through without breaking you.  Now! onto the things I have learned about motherhood.!

Don’t assume your child will develop on their own 

Connecting with your child on various different levels is key, communicating with them – speaking to them ‘properly’ (NOT baby language, goo goo gaa gaa), physically showing them love – hugs and kisses, praising them when they achieve something, being positive in your lifestyle creates a major impact on your child’s development and stability.

Allow them to make mistakes without making them feel bad about themselves 

So often, we believe that telling your child off with a form of aggression is the best way to teach them, but this can push them into a shell that they may struggle to ever come out of.  It’s important to allow your child to make mistakes and say “It’s ok baby, don’t do that again, I love you so much” and it doesn’t matter how many times you have to say this, they will get it eventually.  This will allow them to grow in confidence, acknowledge that they are human beings who get things wrong, but are still loved in the process.

When your child needs extra attention, GIVE IT TO THEM 

Sometimes what you think is enough just isn’t enough for them, when your child wants that extra cuddle, a peck or for you to stay in bed with them a few minutes longer, just do it, there is always a reason behind it and most of the time they don’t know how to express it, especially if they are still toddlers like mine.  They need to feel loved, nurtured and safe in those moments, so, don’t asked questions – their wish is your command!

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